Anatomy is a Greek word i.e. ANA means APART and TOME means TO CUT. It is the branch of science which is concerned with the structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms which are revealed by separation of their parts of the body. It is taught as Human Anatomy in Medical and Dental colleges and Medical Universities.

Structure of the human is studied macroscopically as Gross Anatomy, Microscopically as Histology and Developmentally as Embryology. We teach Anatomy in Large group interactive sessions (Lectures), Small Group Discussion Classes (Demonstrations), Practical’s (Histology) and CBL (Case based learning).

Department of Anatomy at Karachi Institute of Medical sciences Karachi is well equipped with the Plastic Models, Embryology models, Bones, Charts, cross sectional body models, Histology Microscopes and Slides. Anatomy at Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences Karachi is taught by highly qualified Faculty, therefore learning Anatomy is interesting activity here at KIMS.



Prof Dr Ghulam Mujtaba 

Prof Dr Ghulam Mujtaba is serving KARACHI INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (KIMS) as the Head of Department of Anatomy with an illustrious background in medical education including MBBS and MPhil (Anatomy) and Teaching experience of 27 years. Taught Anatomy in Dow Medical College, Sindh Medical College and Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences Karachi.


The Department of Anatomy is the most important Department of any Medical Teaching Institute as it deals with the structure of human body Macroscopically, Microscopically and Developmentally and I am honoured to be the Head of this Department here at Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences Malir Cantt. Karachi

Anatomy is the Basic subject which is taught in first two years of MBBS course. Without thoroughly knowing it you may not succeed in MBBS course. The subject of Anatomy is very difficult to grasp as it is lengthy and evaporates from minds quickly. Continious repetition is of the topics Key to success. During study of Anatomy you should Discuss with your fellow students, Study the Models of Anatomy and Draw labelled Diagrams. Anatomy is also most important for doing post graduation as thorough knowledge of Anatomy is needed to clear Fellowship and Membership exams of College of Physician and surgeons Karachi. 

Name:             DR. IFFAT RAZA
Qualification: MBBS, MPhil, CHPE

Name:                DR. NAUSHEEN ADNAN 
Qualification:    MBBS, MPhil, CHPE

Name:                DR. ASSIMA TABBASSUM
Designation:     SENIOR LECTURER
Qualification:    MBBS, MPhil, CHPE, ICMT                                       

Name:             DR. NAHEED AKHTAR 
Designation:  LECTURER
Qualification: MBBS, MPhil CHPE

Name:             MAJ(RDR. MANSOOR AHMED 
Designation:  LECTURER
Qualification:  MBBS

Name:             MAJ DR MEHWISH RAZZAQ
Designation:   LECTURER
Qualification:  MBBS, FCPS

Name:                DR. SANA YASEEN 
Designation:     LECTURER
Qualification:    MBBS