The subject of Community Medicine made its recognition in the late 50s (then titled as Hygiene and Preventive Medicine) when it was included in medical curriculum. At that time the teaching of the subject was con ducted by part time and visiting faculty.
Community medicine starts from the first year of MBBS. At present, the curriculum of community is given by PMDC to all medical colleges. The teaching methodology is governed by NUMS.
Department of Community Health Sciences is firmly committed to public health values, concepts and ethics.  Public health is what we, as a society, do collectively to assure the conditions for people to be healthy. The ultimate goal of teaching and training of Community health Sciences Is to produce a seven star DOCTOR.
Curriculum of community medicine is planned to prepare the students to become community oriented physicians and thereby contribute effectively to the healthcare system of Pakistan, it will be taught during first four years of M.B.B.S. course. It include the study and application of a wide range of social sciences, concept of health economics, human behavior, socio-anthropology and social determinates of health and disease, the study of epidemiology, demography and bio-statistics will also be introduced at appropriate stages, Special emphasis is given to the planning and management of primary healthcare system. The students will be involved in field work under the guidance and supervision of staff of Dept. of CHS.





Prof. Dr Seema N. Mumtaz


Dr. Seema N. Mumtaz has a professional experience of 35 years teaching, training, services and research. She is a graduate of DOW medical College, 85 Batch. Prof. Dr. Seema is serving Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS)- NUMS since its inception.  At KIMS, the initial work was to establish a community Dept. which could excel in limited resources. Previously, she served in PNS SHIFA, PNS MANORA/HIMALIYA, NCS and SRE-3 as Civilian Medical Officer.  She played a pivotal role for development of Social Obstetric Dept. of Baqai Medical University as its Co-Director. She also served as Principal of Hamdard College of medicine and Dentistry. Dr. Seema has three Masters degree’s to her credit and 04 Diplomas. Dr. Seema is also a LEAD fellow of Cohort -15. Dr Seema has a keen interest in health care management and medical teaching & research.  She is a PhD scholar of Health Care Management. Recently Dr. Seema was assigned as Chairperson of senate of SMBBMU. She is member of senate & Syndicate (SMBBMU), member of board of studies and board of faculty of various Universities. She is Advisor of Allama Iqbal Open University for Health and Nutrition courses for their master and bachelor degrees. She is Alumni lead for health care management at IHM-Dow University. She is ex Research Director of Al- Ibrahim Institute of Isra University. She was the pioneer of Research & Development Cell, KIMS and served as founder director of R&D cell. She was among the pioneers’ of PHC centers concept and implementation at Baqai Medical College/ university under supervision of Prof. M.Ilyas. She served National committee of maternal health and many renowned NGOs of Pakistan. Dr. Seema has more than 80 research papers to her credit. She has supervised many master thesis/ dissertations. She also worked for CIDA, MACWA, UNICEF and WHO projects. Dr. Seema is visiting faculty/master trainer For Research methodology, Institutional management, Reproductive health, Family planning, Medical Ethics, Behavioral Sciences, Community nutrition and Sociology of food habits at different institutes/ Universities.

 Name:              DR. FARHAN M.QURESHI
 Qualification:  MBBS, MSPH, PhD(Scholar)

 Name:              DR. SAMIRA FAIZ
 Qualification:  MBBS, MPH, CHPE

 Name:              DR. SEHRISH ZEHRA
 Qualification:  MBBS, MPH, CHPE

 Name:              BRIG DR. JAMEEL AHMED                               LAKHAIR
 Designation:   SENIOR LECTURER
 Qualification:  MBBS, MPH, CHPE